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Breaking Barriers,
Changing Minds 



We are a dynamic consulting and community engagement organisation that prides itself in serving the needs of the disenfranchised and marginalised groups in our society. In Partnership with the Digital Twins Skills Academy CIC, we endeavour to empower our clients through a holistic approach, equipping them with the necessary skills to become economically independent and socially active citizens.


Our mission is to build fairness into an institutionally biased system where EdTech becomes a vital part of the solution. We aim to: 

  • Deliver progressive career pathways 

  • Promote social advantage, giving our clients a sense of purpose 

  • Decrease criminal activities in London and combat the knife crime pandemic.

  • Combat financial depravation  within the London Boroughs.

  • Promotes financial independence and empowerment  through client led-training programmes and activities

  • Promote community cohesion

  • Deliver a multifaceted multigenerational offer (Between 16-25 & 50+)

  • Meet the Net Zero challenge

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